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Tree planting for Christmas: #Trees4Christmascards

Give away tree sponsorships instead of Christmas cards: Tree planting with
#TREES4CHRISTMASCARDS for your customers Christmas 2023

We are passionate about planting trees and do “market research that plants trees” with GreenAdz.
What our role model, the search engine Ecosia manages to do through “search that plants trees”, we do with what we can – market research:  We always incentivize every participant in our online surveys with a tree donation as a thank you. At €1 per respondent, this costs much less than most people would expect. But with the tree incentive, our surveys not only achieve better participation rates and deeper insights, but above all they create lasting joy, as we see again and again from the many positive reactions of our respondents.

Help us reach the 100,000 trees mark!

But we simply don’t manage enough with market research alone: At the end of 2017, we therefore came up with the idea for the first time to share this joy with other companies and people independently of market research:  Simple, uncomplicated and with a “good feeling”, every company can participate in our tree project in Zambia and plant trees in our GreenAdz forest. For a flat rate of one euro per tree, you ensure with each seedling that our GreenAdz forest grows and sets a positive sign against climate change… in that each tree binds approx. 6kg of CO2 per year with only one euro total investment – and that for the next approx. 20 years or more – great, isn’t it?

Each tree sponsor receives a tree sponsorship certificate from us with the exact count or numbers of the trees commissioned. We currently have a grandiose 99,532 trees on almost 83 hectares of forest in Zambia and are thus close to breaking the 100,000 mark. An example of our certificate, which of course you can and should put online, can be found here from our long-time partner Kahn Events.

This is how the Trees Instead of Christmas Cards campaign works:

We have been saving ourselves the trouble of printing Christmas cards for years. Instead, we give out electronic Christmas greetings paired with a tree for each of our customers. This is not only more climate-friendly, but at one euro per tree, it’s even cheaper than a card plus postage. And because we find this idea so ingenious, we have also inspired other companies with the tree instead of card idea, which received reactions like this:

[…]By the way, we had 27 customer responses to our “tree instead of card” campaign and the customers were very enthusiastic about the great sustainable campaign.
So it was a complete success for us too! […] […]our newsletter is personalized out ….and the response is fantastic :-))))
Our customers are thrilled. We have never received so much positive feedback on a Christmas campaign. […]

Conclusion: Trees-instead-Christmas cards are well received – because tree planting is very much in vogue.

The process is quite straightforward:

  • Determine the number of trees

    You tell us by e-mail to Baumspender@greenadz.de that you would like to give your customers each a tree for Christmas and thus support our great project in Zambia.
    You only need to specify how many of your customers you would like to give a tree to (or how large your email list is):

    e.g. 100 customers = 100 trees = 100,-€ plus VAT. Cost.

  • Send your Christmas greetings electronically and give the gift of trees

    You send your Christmas greetings – ideally by e-mail – to your customers including the message that you will have a tree planted for each customer this year (we will be happy to provide you with inspiration and approved examples).
    And we take care of your given away trees and make sure that this number of new seedlings will really be planted for the project in Zambia. For this purpose, we commission our partner, the environmental organization weforest, with the planting.
    By Christmas at the latest, the new meter reading will be visible on our interactive WebMap.

  • Do good and talk about it

    We will issue you an invoice for the number of trees planted for 1,-€ per tree plus VAT. We will be happy to confirm the number of ‘your’ planted trees in writing in the form of a tree sponsorship certificate.
    We would be happy to list you on our tree sponsorship page – you are of course welcome to use the certificate and link for your communication purposes.

    Share the positive reactions on social media – because small ideas can only get so big and make the world a little bit greener.


request non-binding information package about tree sponsorships for 1,-€ per tree (minimum order quantity: 50 trees)

Write us an email to BAUMSPENDER@greenadz.de and we will discuss the details - uncomplicated and at short notice
(Status: 01.03. 2024)

This is where our trees are planted: In the GreenAdz forest in Zambia

Our interactive webmap at weforest shows our forest in Zambia and much more information about the project

“And where do you plant your trees?” is the first question we are asked as soon as we tell people that we not only do “market research that plants trees”, but that tree planting has also become our private passion.

How nice when we can then show our always up-to-date interactive webmap. Here in Zambia we plant ‘our’ trees together with weforest. By the way, weforest is the first partner of the green search engine ECOSIA, our big role model. The “search engine that plants trees” shows how easy it is to do good by the way. And if you don’t search with Ecosia yet, you should start quickly. Another step for many new trees on our planet.

“The trees at Christmas were so well received by our customers that we would like to ‘reorder’ another 150 trees”

B2B-Customer, Marketing

“Nice thing about the tree sponsorship. Considering how many pointless Christmas presents roll in, this is definitely the better option […]”

B2B-Customer, Christmas tree sponsorship response

“You are the Viva con Aqua for market research”.

Respondend of GreenAdz Survey, GreenAdz B2C-Study 2015

About the author:

Dr. Sandra Gärtner is co-founder of the market research and technology service provider GreenAdz as well as an independent market research consultant with mediaresearch42 from Hamburg with passion and a green soul. Green, because GreenAdz stands for “market research that plants trees” and the sustainable incentive concept is particularly effective in the area of influencer marketing research – especially for campaign-accompanying advertising impact studies of influencer campaigns.

More appreciative than classic pop-up survey invitations, we help our customers better understand their customers through good online surveys: We are always unobtrusively involved and ALWAYS incentivize each respondent with a tree sponsorship. For higher participation rates, better results and above all: more fun.

And because it’s so ingenious and simple, we also convince companies to use a tree like this as a thank you for all their other marketing campaigns. We call this ‘#Trees4Leads’ and have written a separate blog post about it here: “Mit Bäumen Leads und Herzen gewinnen

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